Synthetic Telepathy

Biological Bidirectional Communication:

Synthetic Telepathy is conscious brain-to-brain communication between humans through the use of technology.

In 2014 Brain-2-Brain (B2B) communication mediated by the internet was demonstrated.

This technology was developed by the U.S. military which started as far back as 2007. In 2012 DARPA issued a $4 million grant to build a non-invasive “synthetic telepathy” interface by placing sensors close to the brain’s motor centers to pick up electrical sensors, over the skin. Success rate at this point was already at 45%. As of 2018 the military had the ability to command and control a swarm of drones and multiple fighter jets simultaneously with full sensory signals. It is also being used by the military on the front lines for silent communications.

A simple example of a synthetic telepathic experience would be like having a conversation with your best friend without opening your mouth, pretty neat right? When used for nefarious purposes with no firewall allowing continuous flow of unwanted, uninvited and degrading insults or judgements on your life choices, one can imagine the feeling, of quite frankly going crazy. This produces synthetic schizophrenic symptoms and can easily be used for discrediting. Psychiatric reprisal is often the result when requesting help from law enforcement or doctors. This form of communication is completely silent, a sub-vocal form of speech.

Breakthroughs in brain-based communication has lead to the control of prosthetic limbs, and even memory repair. However without criminalization and regulation this technology will continue to be used for murder, torture, data theft and privacy invasion.


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